I grew up in Mumbai, India and moved to the United States 15 years ago. Since then, I’ve lived in Philadelphia, Raleigh, Chicago, San Francisco and Somerville. With the purchase of a DSLR, what started as a hobby nearly 12 years ago is now a source of personal enrichment. My love for photography has made me more mindful of the present and observant of the world around me. Because I love photographing architecture (and eating good food!), Chicago is one of my favorite cities. When I’m not developing next-generation micro-processors, I’m exploring the New England area, reading, traveling or eating.

Mildly interesting fact about me: I lost my very first DSLR to a burglary in my girlfriend’s apartment in Chicago.

Artist Statement

My photography is a continuing set of experiments with light, shadow, composition, color, lines, shapes, texture, and post-processing.

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