About WMOS

West Medford Open Studios offers a special opportunity for visitors to speak directly to artissts about their own work. For adults, this is a chance to broaden their knowledge of the creative process. For younger folks, it is a chance to meet working artists living in their midst, to ask questions about how an artist pursues his or her craft, and to gain an appreciation for how art can enhance their lives. Many of the artists are teachers as well, and all enjoy talking about their work. Open Studios enriches the city by providing a cultural feast to all who participate and bolsters support for the arts in Medford.

Board of Directors

Earl Howard, President
Ted Adams, Treasurer
Gail Barry, Secretary
David Chia
Monique Doherty
Tanya Howard
Rick Todhunter
Stephanie Todhunter
Anita Tucker

Past Board Members

Mary Lou Christensen
Marilyn Davidson
Patrice Kastenholz
Maureen Sonnie
Janet Walton