Marcia Rottenberg

Beaded jewelry and knit scarves

Artist Statement

When I was a child, I had a recurring dream. A witch lived in my bedroom closet. She guarded treasure chests overflowing with gems. I loved scooping up the jewels and feeling them flow through my fingers.

Many years later, my astrologer friend told me, "You enjoy working in mediums that flow." So began my renewed journey creating hand beaded jewelry and curiosities.

Beads have been a part of all cultures for thousands of years. Bead makers have always been considered artisans. I am grateful to these artisans for their "jewels." My joy is combining beads from the world over to create adornments for others to enjoy.

My mother taught me to knit. When my daughter was young, I knit a sweater a year for her until she grew faster than I could knit. Now I knit scarves - one size fits all. It's fun choosing a pattern that fits the yarn! I create child and adult length scarves in a variety of fiber content, colors and patterns to keep you cozy.

I now understand the message - a good piece flows.

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