The Stars And God

thought provoking and surreal


Being Born in Truth or Consequences has shaped my outlook on life to be a black and white Rube Goldberg machine. I was submitting to art contests by age 5. We moved all around the West Coast and ended up back in New Mexico. Through confidence nourished by living through extreme child abuse, disabled parents, and poverty, I graduated from New Mexico State University with a BFA in Drawing.

Artist Statement

I have always been drawn to the Truth. I use a lot of colors and stark contrasts to convey how I visually perceive the world, in both representational and abstract paintings as well as digital collage. I enjoy making installations because I love immersive experiences. Death, the path to find completion, and the universe are my influences. With paintings I work with layering different types of paint and other materials. When I have an interactive piece, the materials vary depending on the point I’m trying to make. Through interactive pieces, I entice the participant to have more awareness through the experience, and leave stimulated and reflective.

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