Gail Barry

Decorative and Functional Pottery


Have lived in Medford since 1979

Expanded interest in clay by beginning an association with Mudflat Studio in Somerville as student, volunteer, and studio monitor

Taken a variety of classes, participated in raku and soda firings and fire most work to cone 10 in gas reduction or oxidation kilns

Display and sell pots at the Mudflat Gallery in Porter Square, West Medford Open Studios and Hourglass Gallery in Melrose

Created a clay studio at home

Continue to strive to improve techniques and develop a "voice" in clay while enjoying the creative process in its entirety.

Artist Statement

As I continue to try to find my special "voice" in clay, I realize that I am enjoying the journey more than finding a special technique/glaze/form etc. My pots vary in form, size, shape, color and function just as we are varied in our ways of being in this world. I enjoy hand forming as well as wheel throwing and continue to refine my skills as well as my thoughts of what I like. While I have strong roots in creating functional pottery, I am fascinated with the excitement of Raku and Pit firing techniques which yield a more porous and decorative pot. I derive joy not only from creating pots, but also from the pleasure of knowing that others will appreciate and use them.