Beads By Beardslee

Hand crafted jewelry and beaded gifts


Sarah Beardslee has been designing jewelry and beaded gifts for 14 years. The creative process feeds her soul. By sharing her designs with the world, she aims to nourish those that encounter her as well. She is inspired by history, nature, and concepts from personal connections. Her clients well being is important, which is why she provides crystal healing through some of her adornments. She endeavors to live each day to the fullest, and cultivate that feeling to others through her art. She enjoys learning new techniques, challenging herself, and constantly coming up with new designs.

Sarah is President of ArtsMedford (formerly MACI), is a founding member of Arts Collaborative Medford, and is the membership chair of Bead Designer International (New England Bead Society).

Her creations have been shown at the West Medford Open Studios, Arlington Open Studios, the New England Gem and Mineral Show, as well as many other shows across Massachusetts. Her art has been carried in shops in Medford, Brookline, and Groton, to name a few.

Artist Statement

My art has been focusing more on stitched, healing, and historic art more recently. I have been experimenting with new forms of stitching with beads, including geometric shapes. Many of my new pieces have incorporated crystals that will help give you a sense of well being. History is a part of all of our lives, and many of my pieces are based from historic pieces, or are historical themselves. I had the pleasure of visiting Israel in the summer of 2019, and now have Roman Glass jewelry available. The glass is 2000 years old, and has been made into a wearable piece of history.

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