Kathleen Harrison

Watercolor, Mosaic, Photography prints, portraits


Claire Harrison is a Boston based Portraiture and Sketch artist. She works in Film and Television within the Art and Construction departments. Her passions include diversity and inclusion, women raising up other women, and horror movies. When not on set, in her spare time Claire likes to paint, draw, fight the system, take pictures, and read.

Michael Helou has a passion for the arts that runs deep in my familial tree. He was born in Syria and both his mother and grandmother are very skilled painters, but did not have the privilege of making it their profession. Michael feels lucky to have been given the support and opportunity to study illustration in a university setting and he hopes to be able to make a living off of it one day! If he's not painting or sculpting, you’ll probably find Michael hiking in the white mountains, watching a crappy slasher movie, or rewatching old Mariah Carey videos.

Wiktoria Tamburini was born in 1995 in Plock, Poland. She graduated as a Metalsmithing and Jewelry major at Maine College of Art in Portland. Adopted at an early age, her body of work narrates childhood memories. Capturing key moments as ways of understanding and accepting past trauma.

Artist Statement

Claire Harrison: I am a Boston based sketch and watercolor artist whose work explores themes of femininity and the divine feminine, as well as positive mental health. I have always used art as an outlet for my anxiety and fears, as a way to process and understand my own emotions. I like to think of my work as a dichotomy of the macabre mixed with the resplendent. Creepy and pretty at the same time.

Michael Helou: I am a 2D and 3D illustrator currently residing in Boston, MA. I hold a Bachelors in Illustration, with a heavy concentration in painting, sculpture, and design. My early career has set me on a path of creating sets for the Greater Boston Stage Company, curating design shows, and showcasing work at various established galleries. My art explores both personal and sociocultural issues. I am heavily influenced by current social standards and cultural norms, questioning sexuality, mental health, and other socially deemed taboo concepts.

Wiktoria Tamburini: Through the process of felting I am reconnecting and revisiting my most cherished locations from around the world, adorning the body with light, colorful, and flamboyant jewelry that captures aspects from each place. Grey clouds that coat Poland during the winter, the lemon tree in my grandparents’ garden in Italy as well as the Florentine designs I grew up admiring. Calla lilies in my mother's garden, inspired poetry written by my father, and Nantasket Beach where my family and I go on vacation. By adorning my body with colorful jewelry inspired by those places, I become a living map of my experiences. I chose felt because of its role as a natural buffer between the softness of the body and harder surfaces like metals, plastics and resins, much in the way that thatch grows atop peat bogs between the warm, organic core of the earth and the cold, hard exterior elements. I want to take wool, a natural, renewable, affordable fiber and go beyond its practical, ecological, and utilitarian uses to create art that can be worn and used and passed on to the next generation. I want to create healing art, and heal through art.