Celia Lee

Metal and glass woven jewelry


Celia lives in West Medford with her husband and two children. She is a mechanical engineer who enjoys making things when she can find spare time. Her projects usually travel with her in an Altoid tin most of her jewelry making occurs during soccer practice, music lessons and the like. She is an active member of MACI, Mystic Makerspace and MARV the ArtMobile.

Artist Statement

Texture appeals to me. Most of my work involves bead weaving techniques. I work mainly with glass beads because I am drawn to the play of light and color, but you can find recycled items in my work. I like incorporating mechanical items like bearings and nuts and bolts in my jewelry. I have a series made from stainless steel hex nuts. The metal bracelets and necklaces have a comfortable heft while being slinky at the same time. Rings and pendants use ball bearings to allow spinning. This year, the new series is a fish scale weave of jump rings.

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