The Magick Momma Collective

divine femininity and black girl magick


Lanecya "Momma Spice" Callahan is a visual artist that works with multiple mediums, favoring acrylic paints. Since her last appearance in the WMOS 2019, Lanecya has rebranded her image all while preserving the major themes in her art, that is divine femininity! Promoting messages of self love, faith, and courage through her pieces , she strives to be a support and mentor for other women like herself. With creation you can conquer anything and Momma Spice will show you just how to do that, by taking a deeper look through the lense of her artwork.

Artist Statement

She is one with nature, as she is nature.
She is earth, fire, air and water, all elements a like.
She is Moon and Sun, Stars and planets aligned.
I am the magickal Momma Spice. I create to conquer the life I have always deserved and guide others to do the same. I'm excited to share the art I’ve created, centered around divine femininity and the magnificence of being a magickal woman of color!