Olim Clay Co.

Nature-inspired polymer clay jewelry


I started Olim Clay Co. in the summer of 2020 to bring together my love of nature and my desire to nurture my own creativity. I found myself unable to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, and so my nature-inspired designs brought the outdoors to me. I have been learning and growing as an artist as I try out new techniques and navigate my way through the life of a small business owner. I currently reside and work in Medford, MA.

Artist Statement

Olim Clay Co. was created out of a desire to bring elements of nature to life in unique, handcrafted wearables. With each design I strive to convey the feeling you get when you are out walking in nature and all of a sudden you want to take every trip and summit every mountain and quit your day job to live in the wilderness. I draw inspiration from travel, outdoor photography, and even walks in my own neighborhood. Thoughtfully chosen materials, such as argentium silver and titanium, make my designs safe for everyone to wear.