Singing Stones Jewelry



Kelly Hopkins, artist, is a classically trained singer, science teacher, computer nerd, antique hound, & animal lover. She is an entirely self taught artist, though she can blame her mother, and artist and teacher, for her deep love and appreciation of color.

Artist Statement

The name Singing Stones Jewelry comes from the intersection of Music & Science. The Singing Stones are a scientific phenomenon on volcanic beaches around the world and, while these stones may not sing, the artist who makes them certainly does.

Everything we offer is one of a kind and either handmade or a carefully curated antique or vintage item. All antique or vintage items are restored to original condition for sale. If that is not possible, they are disassembled and reused as parts in original creations.

We use sterling silver, gold, platinum plate, gold fill, gold plate, surgical steel, semi precious stones, lamp work glass, and other natural materials in our creations.

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