Triangle Manor

Screenprinting, Queer, LGBTQIA, clothing, punk, patches


Triangle Manor was started in November of 2018, and officially open for business as of January 2019. Since our collective started, we have traveled all over the east coast showing and selling our art. Our art has been seen by and sold internationally as well via our Etsy shop and by friends we have all over!

Artist Statement

We are Triangle Manor, a queer furry art collective from Medford. There are 6 of us currently in the collective - all of varying disciplines. Screen printing clothing and designs, stickers, punk patches, psychedelic drip paintings, sculpting, costume making, graphic design, illustration, soap making, and more. We try to go to all sorts of events near and far. Triangle Manor has traveled from coast to coast in the US, and has been to Canada and Scandinavia too! See our store AND schedule here.

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