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Susan Goldwitz

Susan Goldwitz’s poems have been widely published in journals and anthologies, and the manuscript of her book of poems, Dreams of the Hand, won an Academy of American Poets Award. She is especially interested in the creative intersection of visual and written expression and has worked as a fine art curator as well as a teacher of literature.


    Inside the Still Life

    Even as you sit here
    invisible light ripples out from your form,
    opening out rivers beyond you, radiant

    in waves and pulses
    as the Aurora.
    Every movement in the clouds,

    in the strict sweep of stars
    harmonizes with these paths.
    But you sit

    feeling stuck in your body
    as a bird been shot –
    unaware, even as you fall

    your loosened feathers fly and slice
    through thousands of humming atoms,
    changing everything.

    Susan Goldwitz