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Patricia A. G. Towfigh

I was born in Bath, England, at the beginning of World War II, and grew up in Bristol (one of the most heavily-bombed cities in England). Most of my first years were spent in the air raid shelter at the bottom of our garden, so those times were quite difficult. I arrived in the US in the 60s, working as a nurse. Just as I was about to return home to England, I met my husband, who is from Iran. I am still here in Medford thirty-six years later, with wonderful children living in San Francisco and Israel, and a wonderful niece who lives here in Medford.

I have loved painting for as long as I can remember. Due to shortages during World War II, only powdered paint was available at school; however, my sisters and I were able to paint with watercolours at home. Two years ago I started to paint with oils and am increasingly experimenting with other media such as pastel, acrylic and pencil. My grandparents' garden, which was full of beautiful trees and flowers, had a great influence on me. My love of nature inspires me; beautiful plants, trees, animals, birds and the outdoors maintain our connection with the Spirit.