Cherish Springer Art

Layered paintings inside antique boxes


Cherish Springer is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah where she took a strong interest in painting from a young age. While painting was always a hobby, in the fall of 2016 she moved to Worcester to study mechanical engineering at WPI. Through her first year of studies, she was always looking for excuses to incorporate art into her curriculum. After getting the chance to work as an artist on another team's senior project, an adviser helped her understand her passion and excitement for art could become a career. In the Fall of 2017 she began her studies at MassArt.

Artist Statement

I am in love with the sea. Coming from the desert, it has always been this unattainable beauty, a sense of awe, and has instilled a longing for adventure. Because of this, I have always had a fascination with stories of exploration. Many of my pieces discuss exploration as isolation within vast new landscapes. Within this theme I also explore ideas of man vs nature, and what it means for the remains of the human world to be reinstated into the natural. I find these themes to be very telling of human nature and it often forces me to question how I create my own adventures.

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