Federico Sparisci

Watercolor landscapes and ink drawings.


My name is Federico Sparisci. I spent a significant part of my life in the greater Boston area, but have lived and traveled extensively in Europe.

Since an early age I have been interested in art, and my formal experience drawing and painting developed during four years of high-school. At the time I experimented with several mediums and styles including charcoal sketching, pencil drawing, ink cross hatching and acrylic painting.

After finishing my studies, I have continued to paint, but focused my material largely on living and travel experiences in Europe. My particular interest is on the marvels of traditional architecture and the timeless appreciation for its viewers. I have tried to create a collage of these experiences through paintings, as a figurative bridge between viewers of my work and my admiration for these architectural designs.

I hope to pursue similar themes in the greater Boston area and become more involved in the local artist community.

Artist Statement

The subject of my work focuses on the design of human made structures within their landscapes with a particular emphasis on perspective. Many of my pieces are based on periods traveling and living in Europe.